Affordable Dry Clean Service for Rugs in the Amery Wisconsin area

Rugs form the centerpiece of the room, which not only brighten up -the premise- but also give a sense of comfort to those who sit, walk, run, or even sleep on the rug. Your home can store dust, pet hair, pet urine, and many other allergens that are not easily visible to the naked eye.

 Vacuuming alone won't keep your area rugs free from dirt, dust, and allergens. To keep your area rugs clean and allergen-free, we recommend a professional rug cleaning.

dry clean services for rugs Amery Wisconsin

Just like any pair of denim with a “Dry Clean Only” tag, the majority of rugs are dry-cleaning friendly.  Rugs are made from natural fibers, including wool, silk, jute, sisal, seagrass, etc., that can fade, shrink, discolor, or even get damaged if used in the washing machine.

As a dry clean service for rugs provider in the western Wisconsin (Amery, New Richmond, Osceola) area, I am passionate about providing amazing results. When the client opts for my service and sees the before, and after results, their sparkling does all the talking.

For the past 30+ years, I have provided dry clean service for rugs to numerous homes in the western Wisconsin area. Whether it’s an oriental rug or stair runner, or an exquisite natural fiber rug, my delicate cleaning and treatment approach makes the carpet ready to use as soon as I leave.

I adhere to a 6-step process for dry clean service for rugs.

  1. Pre-Inspection – I will inspect the rug and decide on the cleaning method
  2. Commercial Vacuuming – I will perform commercial vacuuming to remove dry soil.
  3. Pre-Spray and Pre-Spot – A pre-conditioned agent will be applied to the traffic area soil and general spot to smoothly loosen the stains, dirt, and toxins grip on the rug.
  4. Soil Extraction and Rinse – Then, I will thoroughly clean the rug with advanced dry-cleaning machinery to extract the removable without leaving any floor deteriorating material or irritating stink of chemical residue that hampers the indoor air quality.
  5. Speed Dry – Here, I run high-velocity air movers on the rug to hasten the rug drying process.
  6. Post-Cleaning Inspection – I will accompany you through the home to show the results and check whether or not the client is satisfied with the outcome.