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Professional Carpet Cleaning for the Best Possible Results

The carpet cleaning industry has five accepted cleaning methods. Four of them are "Very Low Moisture(VLM)," better known as "dry-cleaning," and the fifth being Hot Water Extraction(HWE), better known as "steam-cleaning."

Each of these methods has its place, and if done properly, it will do a good job. However, the recommended method by carpet manufacturers is Hot Water Extraction every 12-18 months, preferably with a machine that has been certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute(CRI), to achieve their Gold Level for Performance. Of these machines, "truck mounts" are the most powerful and considered top-of-the-line. They are self-contained cleaning systems permanently installed in a van, and they generally require no hook-ups from you.

It is hard to compare any cleaning method in terms of performance to a machine that costs as much as a new car. However, the strong vacuum, high heat, and water pressure are unmatched for intense cleaning. I regularly clean carpets that are hard to clean, and they dry in hours, not days!

The carpet cleaning industry has an in-depth Standards and Procedures Reference Manual written by top experts in the field. Some companies choose to follow this guide, and some do not. Matt always follows the recommended procedure because I have always wanted to do the best possible job.

I use an 8 step process that I have used on every carpet for years.

  1. Pre-inspection: I inspect the carpet for any issues (stains, type of soil, high traffic wear lanes, matting, etc.)
  2. Dry vacuum with high powered backpack vacuum to ensure as much dry soil removal as possible
  3. Apply pre-conditioner and pre-spotter, wall to wall
  4. Agitate and work in solution to loosen soil and stains and to lift the carpet pile
  5. Clean the carpet with hot water extraction (HWE)
  6. Vacuum pass to remove any excess moisture
  7. Groom carpet with a nylon pile lifter to set the nap, aid in drying, and give the carpet a nice, finished look.
  8. Final inspection with you to show you how everything turned out.

With state of the art equipment, certified green cleaning solutions, and attention to detail, I assure you your carpets will be extremely clean, soft, and residue-free.

When you hire Nelson's, you can expect:

  • Quick, reliable, friendly, and affordable service
  • The safest and effective cleaning solutions
  • Our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment

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