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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Osceola, Wisconsin

Nelson’s offers trustworthy carpet cleaning services to both residential, as well as, commercial clients in Osceola, Wisconsin.

We strive to support our clients by providing next-level carpet cleaning. Our cleaning process begins by understanding the condition of your carpet and giving you a realistic expectation of what we can do.


Our Services:

We provide an array of carpet cleaning services compatible with many types of carpet fabrics and varieties. Our professional carpet cleaning methods remove dust, pollen, oil, and other impure particles tightly bonded within any type of carpet. Looking for the best quality carpet cleaning in Osceola, Wisconsin? Call Nelsons!


Our other services include:

  • Furniture upholstery cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Hardwood floor cleaning

Why Nelson’s?

Hello! Matthew Nelson, Owner and Expert Carpet Cleaner here –

I am happy to serve residents and businesses in the Osceola, Wisconsin area, as well as all the surrounding towns.

One of the great advantages of hiring Nelson's is that the business is owner operated. This means that I am the owner and master cleaner, and I will be at every job — every single time you call.

Don't settle for different, unknown hired help when you have your carpets and floors cleaned.

Call today for service you can trust and dependability you can count on.



I strive to provide an experience that stands out as much as your newly cleaned carpets will.

When you hire us for carpet, upholstery, hardwood floors, and tile cleaning services, you can count on:

  • 100% Total Satisfaction
  • Expert work from a fully licensed and insured company
  • Manufacturer-approved cleaning methods
  • Superior workmanship quality
  • Friendly Can-Do Service
  • Over 30 years of expert cleaning experience

Nelson’s is a reputed name offering splendid carpet cleaning services in Osceola, Wisconsin. We have over 50 5 – Star Reviews that you can see on our website.

To learn more about our services you can drop an email at nelsonscarpet@amerytel.net.

Also, you can dial the no. 715-554-3638 for a quick inquiry.


Why Should You Regularly Clean Your Carpets?

Carpet, for some, is a staple in a home. It’s where a baby takes its first steps, you build Legos as a family, you dance with a loved one, or just simply take a step of life on every day.

However, their ability to absorb dirt, germs, and bacteria can put you into a state of trouble in the long run if you do not perform regular cleaning. Cleaning carpets is tedious and time-consuming and can be a big overhead - especially if you have a tight busy schedule.

Run-of-the-mill vacuums and shampooers will not give you that pristine clean that will ultimately prolong the life of your carpet.

The best way to solve the problem is to take help from reliable cleaning experts. Hiring an experienced carpet cleaner gives you more than a clean feel.

In conjunction with superior quality cleaning products, we can remove almost all types of dirt and blemishes. Plus, provide you with a healthier living environment. The application of powerful yet safe, cleaning agents ensures the delivery of high-end cleaning without causing any damage to your belonging or loved ones.


Our Story

I began cleaning carpet and upholstery in 1987 for a large cleaning company in St. Paul, Minnesota. After more than thirty years of work, I still enjoy what I do.

After several years in the field, I became the company’s on-location trainer, which presented the opportunity to teach many prospective people how to properly clean carpet and upholstery. In the years following the trainer position, I was then put in charge of quality control, specific projects, and the entirety of the area rug cleaning. My last position was the division manager and scheduler. I remained in this spot for several years, ultimately giving me an in-depth knowledge of this industry from these various positions.

When considering the difficulties that follow this occupation, finding valuable and exceptional cleaners must be the hardest part. As a trainer, it did not take me long to recognize the amount of attention to detail my new trainees perform. It was rewarding to spread the knowledge I acquired over the years with new prospective trainees. I find that to be a successful cleaner, one must have a natural eye for cleaning and the patience and determination to do the best possible job each time.

I began Nelson's Carpet Care serving New Richmond, Wisconsin, to compensate for the location my family and I call home. I specialize in Carpet and Upholstery but have also begun work involving Hardwood and Tile. I take a tremendous amount of pride in being able to provide a service for my hometown area and have the highest standards and quality workmanship in the industry. No matter the project's magnitude, I assure my customers of the finest possible results with delicate detailing to the best of my ability.

I am local, reasonable, easy to reach, and appreciate your business.