Nelson's Carpet Care FAQ's

How Long Does It Take To Dry? Usually between 4-24 hours?

The warmer and drier the air, the better. That is why carpet dries the fastest in the winter when your furnace is on. Especially when using a truck-mounted system, all the humidity generated from the steam cleaning is taken outside and not redistributed into your house.

Do You Clean During Winter Months?

Yes. The air in your house is at its driest during the winter in this climate. The combination of warm, dry air pushed through heat vents makes for speedy drying times. I can also run my hoses through a window that only needs to be open 2" and place a towel around the opening to keep out cold air. Since the truck-mounted system carries humidity outside the cleaning process, windows will not steam up with excess condensation, which is common with rental machines.

Do I Need to Vacuum?

No. I pre-vacuum with an industrial backpack vacuum to remove as much dry soil as possible. If there is a lot of pet hair, it is helpful to remove it before cleaning, but I can do it if you cannot.

Do You Move Furniture?

Yes. Heavier pieces like sofas and dining room tables are placed on sliders and moved just far enough to clean under, then placed back to their original spots on the protective pads to prevent rust and/or stain transfer to the carpet. Beds, pianos, large wall units, etc., are left in place and cleaned right up to.

What Do I Need To Do To Get Ready?

Please remove breakable items from pieces of furniture that you want to be moved. Vacuum carpet if there is a presence of pet fur (if you are able). If plants are to be cleaned under, please move them, or I can work right up to and around them.

What Do You Consider A Room?

Room prices are for areas up to 250 sq. ft. Example: approx. 20X12 or 15X16. This is a common cut-off size with most companies. In fairness to you, halls, landings, entryways, walk-in closets, etc., or any small area, are priced at .20 cents per sq. ft. Average staircases up to 15 steps are considered a room as far as the price goes.

Do You Charge For Stain Removal?

Carpets are pre-spotted and pre-conditioned wall to wall before cleaning. Then it is agitated and worked in to loosen and lift the stains. During the cleaning process, any stains that arise are worked on until they either come out or are deemed permanent. Red or colored beverage stains can be removed most of the time; however, it requires a completely different process and is charged by the hour.

Do You Offer Services For Treating Pet Urine Issues?

Yes. I determine exactly where the spots are with a high-intensity UV light and use an extensive procedure to remove them. Depending on the severity of the problem, there are times that the backing of the carpet and pad are affected, and removing it completely sometimes is not possible. This service is billed separately and bid on location.

*I have spent hours removing dozens of colored beverage stains on jobs and cannot afford to include it in my regular cleaning rate. Gum removal is also charged by the hour. Pet urine stains require special techniques and agents to remove and are priced separately.*

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